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Founded in 2009 by N & C, G.N.B. Sarl is a company registered in the commercial register number: RC / TKO / 2015A / 006-M01 / 512262324.
GNB SARL specializes in the following services: Transit-Customs, import-export, general trade and services. At IMPORT, we accompany our Customers from the orders of the goods until their final destination airport or port. On the EXPORT, we assist our Customers since the preparation of the airport or port export documents of the country or the destination city.
For our general business, we sell and buy various products such as: pharmaceuticals, food products, cosmetics, chemicals, construction materials, medical and household appliances. We also offer various services such as: Construction, Electricity, Appliances, IT, Insurance, Real Estate, etc.
At GNB Sarl, our concern is to offer a quality service, thanks to our human capital and our technical resources.

Our team

We are made up of a highly qualified team and this is what explains the satisfaction of our customers for our services

Our philosophy

Our management philosophy is to provide a growth opportunity for our team to keep our promises to our customers.

Why choose G.N.B. Sarl?

For :

  • His qualities of commitment
  • Its rigor in services
  • His methodical follow-up of procedures