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G.N.B. Sarl offers a complete service offer, both for Import and Export.

Advice and assistance in the conduct of your projects at the national and international level, complete support of your transit operations, transport of your goods from the port or depoting store to your delivery address in case of import and your starting address to the port.

Benefiting from an excellent notoriety with the Cameroonian Customs by its seriousness and its rigor, G.N.B. Sarl guarantees its customers a responsiveness in the processing of procedures.

We advise you in all legal and regulatory processes as well as on best practices to save time and efficiency.

With proven experience and expertise, we guarantee a daily, personalized availability and a service that meets all your requirements.

As a real partner, G.N.B. Sarl takes care of all your transit, logistics and transport operations, whatever the nature of your goods:

The import :
  • Foreign exchange transaction
  • Conformity check of customs declarations
  • Clearance
  • The delivery

The export :

  • The loading of the goods
  • The customs declaration
  • Logistics and transportation

A diversified portfolio of partner clients

G.N.B. Sarl cultivates the notion of partnership for lasting relationships. Satisfied with our expertise, reactivity, seriousness and rigor, prestigious companies from various sectors of business have trusted us for years.

In order to improve our quality level, we measure the satisfaction of our customers each year on the basis of the procedures imposed by the ISO 9001 standard.